Style Tip: Scarves


Want a new look for your space but running low on time and funds?  Here are 3 fast & easy ways to spruce up your place with an item from your wardrobe!

scarf as a bedpost decorate with scarvesInstant Bedpost: Using a long blanket scarf, fold it over your bedpost so half of the material hangs down on either side.  The fringe on my scarf made it easy to tie in place but safety pins would also work, or just let the edges hang free.

Project Time: less than 30 seconds 😀

decorating with scarves update armchair patternChair Flair:  Take an infinity scarf and fit it around the bottom or top half of a chair.  Fold the excess at the top (or bottom) into itself…like tucking the pointed flap of an envelope into the letter portion.

Project Time: 2-3 minutes 🙂

decorate with scarves update lampshade Lamp Re-vamp:  Wrap a lampshade with a light, thin scarf (infinity or long works best).  Pull the material taut, then tie a knot at the bottom and/or top of the lampshade to keep it all in place. When selecting the scarf you’d like to wrap with, keep in mind, the colors will slightly differ depending on if the lamp is on or off.

Project Time: up to 5 mins…it can be a bit tricky to keep the scarf in place until you’ve tied the knots 😉 

I hope these three ideas are useful!  How do you decorate with scarves?  I would love to hear!

Until next time, that’s a wrap 😉 xo, Claire

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