Read this before decorating your home (PLUS Free PDF Download!)

Pre-Decorating Helper Guide! Free PDF Download (no email required)Decorating your home is wonderfully fun and exciting, and at the same time, can be overwhelming and confusing.  Before beginning a design project (i.e. before making Pinterest boards, before bookmarking magazines, and definitely before splurging on a piece of furniture), I recommend getting clear on your vision for the space.  To do this, ask yourself these 3 questions for each room you would like to decorate:

  • How do you use/would you like to use the space?
  • How would you like to feel in the space?
  • What furniture/aspects of the room can you change, and what should remain unchanged?

By answering these questions, you will:

  • prioritze what needs to be done/updated now and what could/should wait until you have more time/money/help, etc.
  • budget more accurately!
  • instantly recognize where your previous design scheme was lacking, and conversely, how to fix this in an efficient way
  • be able to pick an overall theme for the space; based on your wants/needs.  This helps to ensure your finished space has a feeling of coherence and functions correctly for your life.

This process may take you anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so, depending on the size of the project; time well spent though, as a clear vision makes designing so much fun! 

I created this free PDF Download to make the process even easier!  Simply print the pages you need and fill in your answers 🙂

Go forth and design with confidence! x claire

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