Make your own Rose Water

rose water diy on yespleasepalmtrees.comRose water is a very versatile ingredient to have in your wellness kitchen.  Its use as a healing agent, skin cleanser and toner, has been dated as far back as the Romans and even the ancient Greeks. The famous beauty, Cleopatra, was so strongly associated with it that Shakespeare included this detail in his play, ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ when she is described to Mark Antony:

“The very winds were lovesick.” (Shakespeare)

Rose water can be used on your face, body, and hair, or as a perfume/room spray (adds a soft romantic touch when spritzed on bed linens).  It is also edible, appearing in many different types of drinks and desserts.

Rose water is quite simple to make and a wonderful use of fallen, but not yet dried out, petals.  Not to mention how great your house will smell!  Enjoy your lovely Valentine roses a bit longer with this rose water d.i.y.

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