Read this before decorating your home (PLUS Free PDF Download!)

Pre-Decorating Helper Guide! Free PDF Download (no email required)Decorating your home is wonderfully fun and exciting, and at the same time, can be overwhelming and confusing.  Before beginning a design project (i.e. before making Pinterest boards, before bookmarking magazines, and definitely before splurging on a piece of furniture), I recommend getting clear on your vision for the space.  To do this, ask yourself these 3 questions for each room you would like to decorate:

  • How do you use/would you like to use the space?
  • How would you like to feel in the space?
  • What furniture/aspects of the room can you change, and what should remain unchanged?

By answering these questions, you will:

  • prioritze what needs to be done/updated now and what could/should wait until you have more time/money/help, etc.
  • budget more accurately!
  • instantly recognize where your previous design scheme was lacking, and conversely, how to fix this in an efficient way
  • be able to pick an overall theme for the space; based on your wants/needs.  This helps to ensure your finished space has a feeling of coherence and functions correctly for your life.

This process may take you anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so, depending on the size of the project; time well spent though, as a clear vision makes designing so much fun! 

I created this free PDF Download to make the process even easier!  Simply print the pages you need and fill in your answers 🙂

Go forth and design with confidence! x claire

Creating a space of gratitude in your home and heart

Beauty Corner: GratitudeOur days are filled with interactions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.  While it would be wonderful if all of these could be uplifting, enjoyable, and satisfying to our souls, the reality of life is that sometimes things just suck.  Bodies fail us, hearts break, comments hurt us, money causes stress, and on and on.  Some days can leave you feeling drained, lonely, ugly, broken, dissatisfied, etc etc.  Left unchecked, days like these can build upon themselves and being to influence our beliefs; about our bodies, our worth/value, or just the state of our life in general.  So how can we deal with life’s low points (or even just a small, hurtful moment)?  While there are many answers and strategies, I would like to focus on one: Creating a space of gratitude in our homes, and consequently, our hearts.

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Bed head: What to put (and not to put) above your headboard

Design Help: Bed Head. What you could/should put above your bed.Do you ever wonder quietly to yourself, or perhaps out loud to your dearest friends and family, only to realize you are getting fewer and fewer dinner party and coffee date invitations (…coincidence?), ”What, oh what, should/could I put above my headboard???”  If yes, than this post is for you!  If no, read it anyway so you can finally answer your crazy friend and get her/him back on the invitee list.  What a selfless person you are!  Your reward is the rest of this post 😉

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