Bed head: What to put (and not to put) above your headboard

Design Help: Bed Head. What you could/should put above your bed.Do you ever wonder quietly to yourself, or perhaps out loud to your dearest friends and family, only to realize you are getting fewer and fewer dinner party and coffee date invitations (…coincidence?), ”What, oh what, should/could I put above my headboard???”  If yes, than this post is for you!  If no, read it anyway so you can finally answer your crazy friend and get her/him back on the invitee list.  What a selfless person you are!  Your reward is the rest of this post 😉

Short answer: nothing! Enjoy the white space*!  Not every inch of a room needs to contain stuff, or have something going on in order to be complete and whole (life metaphor?).  Let’s just call it a day and agree that absolutely nothing needs to be done, your room looks great, your hair looks great, the end the end.

*white space refers to the concept of negative space used in art/design…not the programming language, although you may wish to enjoy that as well.

Long answer:  ok, you are right, that wasn’t a definitive answer (your hair does look great though). You could put something up there if you really want (I mean, obviously, it’s your home).  Here is a list of possible items that could go above a bed:

-woven wall hanging, a stick with stuff hanging on it (that may sound like the same thing, but I promise, it’s not), tapestry, fabric (unless the fabric is part of a canopy, this is really just a tapestry, you are fooling no one), poster(s)/photograph(s)/polaroid(s), framed poster(s)/photograph(s)/polaroid(s), a shelf, a shelf with stuff on it (this could get super detailed, so for the sake of saving time, let’s agree that every option is included under the label ”stuff”), surfboard, snowboard, type of board (perhaps even just a regular ol’ wooden board that is somehow meaningful to you), canoe paddle, other type of sports equipment, art made from metal/steel/iron/wood, something hanging from the ceiling (ie a disco ball, balloons, a pinata), a clock, wall decal(s) (this is ALWAYS a no and a good place to stop as things are drifting off into the ridiculous)…or some sort of combination of two or more of these items.

Now, that you know what could go up there…let’s decide if that/those item(s) should go up there. Keeping your chosen item(s) in mind, ask yourself these two questions:

Question 1:  If whatever goes up there, falls, will it fall on me or any other occupants in the bed?


A.  Yes.  It/they would fall directly on my precious face or the side/back of my crazy-idea filled head (such as the idea to put things above the bed), depending on what sleep position I am in at the time of said fall.

B.  Yes, but only on the other occupant(s).  So…

C.  No.  It/they would fall behind the headboard never to be seen again (actually, this is my secret plan to get rid of <insert unwanted gift>), or it would fall on the head of the monster that lives under the bed, so this is sounding like a great idea either way!

If you answered either A or B, proceed to the next question as the outcome is still unsure.  If you answered C, I like the way you think.  You have my vote to hang your item(s).

Question 2:  Assuming the item(s) fall(s) on you and/or others, will it physically hurt? (nevermind the emotional scarring, that would most surely occur, from the sheer fright of a surprise middle of the night attack from your treacherous wall decor):

A.  No, it’s the totally in right now, woven, wall-hanging string art, yarn thing…my cat picked it out.

B.  No, it’s a tapestry/non-canopy fabric.  I attend (as a student) some type of educational institution.**

C.  No, it’s a poster or polaroid/lot of posters or polaroids.

D.  Yes, it’s a/several framed photograph(s).

E.  Yes, it’s a shelf (plus or minus the above mentioned “stuff”).

F.  Yes, it’s a surfboard, canoe paddle, some other type of sporting equipment, board, or art made from hard material.

G.  Yes, it’s a clock.

H.  OH! A disco ball/balloons/pinata, sound awesome!!! …eh, depending on which one, it could hurt, yes.

I.  I like wall decals!

If you answered A:  You are obviously already well-versed in the ways of interior design and were just pretending to need advice.  Go help the others.

If you answered B: **This statement must be true about you, in order for this to be an ok object to place above your bed, otherwise, the answer is: no, teenage/dorm chic is only chic when you are a teenager/live in a dorm.  Simple as that.

If you answered C:  I assume you are saving up to buy a frame/multiple frames and will then move the now framed artwork(s) to either side of your bed (see the answer for D), therefore, the answer is: ok…for now.

If you answered D:  Only if its/their possible fall trajectory misses you and your bed companion(s).  If not, then please move it/them to the side of the bed.

If you answered E: No.  This is just a disaster waiting to happen; either the shelf will fall down of its own volition, or someone will sit up too fast and hit his/her head.  And then the shelf will fall down.

If you answered F: Nope.  Put that/those on a different wall where it/they can really stand out.  This is just the shelf scenario in a cool disguise.

If you answered G: bedrooms are for relaxing and other things that do not require time management…no clocks!

If you answered H:  You are correct, they are awesome…over there, away from your precious face and brain box.

If you answered I: NO! Also, I said that already and you didn’t even answer the question. Perhaps it’s time you consider where your stubbornness has taken you in life…as you remove the wall decals.

Quiz complete! Well done 🙂  I hope you feel more prepared to make a decision and can now hang (or not hang) your item(s) in complete confidence.  Until next time, sweet dreams!

x Claire



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