About Yes Please, Palm Trees!

Hi! My name is Claire.  I love God, my family, coconut anything, oscillating fans, peonies, and the sea.  Laughing with friends over a tall glass of iced coffee (yes, even in winter! I am who I am! ;)) is a day well spent in my book.

I am an interior & prop stylist with a passion for holistic living.  Yes Please, Palm Trees! is the blog for my interiors business, Yes Please, Interiors!  In a nutshell, I post about interior design/styling and the influence this has on a person’s well-being (mood, health, overall happiness, etc).

Our homes and the places we spend most of our waking hours (offices, cars, etc) can have a huge impact on our emotional state and health. Just spend one night on an uncomfortable bed and you (and your aching back) will get the idea.


Energy levels.

Furniture arrangement.

Mental clarity.

Kitchen layout.

A healthy diet.

I believe all these things are connected, and thus, influence each other. Yes Please, Palm Trees! is where I explore this connection and share my findings with you.  Currently located in Vienna, Austria and in love with the city, I try to incorporate it’s charms in as many of my posts as possible.

I hope you enjoy this space as much as I enjoy “decorating” it.

Now let’s get stylin’,

Claire 🙂

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